As a long-time colleague of Gayle Kimball, though in a different department, I have had many opportunities to appreciate the energy and engagement she brings to her work. My overall sense is of broadly-focused, leading edge teaching and research.

More specifically: Dr. Kimball’s teaching on campus has been widely regarded as innovative and long in its reach into relevant literatures. It is noteworthy that not only students, but faculty also have consistently taken an active interest in Dr. Kimball’s writings and presentations on a diverse range of topics. Her work in both social and spiritual issues attests to both the depth and breadth of her interests.

Also of note are Dr. Kimball’s explorations in the changing ways of communicating that have expanded the possibilities of teaching.

Through video, the web, and alternative print media, she has continually experimented with the possibilities of multiple modes of effectively mediated teaching. I have been involved in providing technical assistance in one of Dr. Kimball’s projects and can attest to the sincerity and tenacity she brings to the challenges of innovation.

I believe Gayle Kimball brings unique gifts to her undertakings and enriches the environments in which she moves. She is a valued co-worker whose warmth and originality add welcome dimensions to our community.

Gregory Tropea, Ph.D.
Dept. of Philosophy
CSU Chico

Gayle has been working in the community for many years and has given herself tirelessly to the needs of people both at the university and also people in need through many different coaching venues. I personally have worked with Gayle as a coach and her direction and skills with me were impeccable, appropriate and very insightful. I highly recommend her all of her high energy that she brings to every endeavor she undertakes.

Suzanne Strisower, life coach

I have known and worked with Gayle Kimball since 2006. Her sessions with me have always been amazingly accurate and her advice always wise and helpful. Her books hold a wealth of information regardless of the topic. We are fortunate to have Gayle in our community. She is one of our most valuable resources!

Alexandra Karacostas

Dr. Kimball’s books are engaging and mind expanding and her regular column in the Lotus Guide publication is always helpful to the reader. I have known her for many years and appreciate her honesty and straight-forward approach in facing life’s challenges. She is a gem.

Ursela Rabe

The author of Essential Energy Tools: How to Develop Your Clairvoyant and Healing Abilities; “Ask Dr. Gayle” columnist for Lotus Guide Magazine, EarthHaven newsletter, blogger on www.gaylekimball.info and https://gaylekimball.wordpress.com/, writing a trilogy of books about global youth beliefs and values. This is a person very dedicated to healing and our planetary well-being.


I have worked with her in two main capacities for the past four years: in a weekly meditation group (where I’ve learned a lot of useful tools regarding grounding and chakra balancing), and during weekly energy healing at a free clinic, where she donates her time, energy, and empathy. She consistently gives freely of herself in both instances, to whomever attends. I am also helping with editing and proofreading the abovementioned trilogy. The degree of academic and interpersonal research she devotes toward developing these works has impressed me from the get-go. She has traveled around the world multiple times, especially to places where being a woman (and a Westerner as well) is potentially dangerous, on behalf of women and young people who want and need to be heard. As someone who hopes to maybe see the Canadian border before I die, just the mileage she’s accrued is astounding — her reasons for doing so and the conditions she knowingly delves into are especially admirable.

Cheers, Shari Blair

I have taken her Energy Tools classes and workshops and found them very beneficial. She is intelligent, well informed and dedicated. She has written a dozen books on topics dealing with the family, social movements, clairvoyance, health and psychic ability. She is an exceptional writer, very talented and prolific. She opens doors for people to help them understand visible and invisible worlds. Locally she is a columnist for Lotus Guide, a weekly news magazine that tracks alternative trends. Her resume is astonishing in her range of interests and achievement. Her books include Essential Energy Tools: How to Develop Your Clairvoyant and Healing Abilities. She also has a blog on gaylekimball.wordpress.com. Dr Kimball is gifted and amazing. Please write if you would like more information.

Dolores Blalock

Dr. Kimball has been sharing her knowledge, wisdom, and passion for Energy Tools to students in Japan since 2000. By using Energy Tools regularly people can create tremendous changes in their personal and business lives. Our students fall in love with charms that Dr. Kimball has and they are always amazed when they discover their own intuition and psychic ability through Dr. Kimball’s guidance.

Kaori Omichi, President of Eco-Body Nature in Japan