Body ~Mind Exercises

Exercises to balance the body: Brain Gym

Visualization Exercises with Children on “Kids’ Mind Power” CD


            Meditation is saying hello to yourself and what makes you happy.


            Make (cut, braid, fold, etc.) a tail or tree root out of paper or cloth, weight it with a coin.

            Draw the grounding cord as a drain pipe and draw all the things and people you’re releasing. Put smiley faces around the grounding cord to stay amused.

            Imagine a bubble around you, be in the center of it. Then put roses around you to keep you safe and happy.

Gold Sun

            Make a meditation crown to put on when you meditate. Put sparkles on it to release in a steady state into your body.

            Use Christmas tree gold tinsel or gold foil wrapping paper to make a wreath, crown, or hat to wear to radiate gold sun energy into your space. 

            Imagine a gold sun and stand up into it and feel it hug you or tickle you.

How to Achieve Your Goals

            Put your goal in your gold sun or what makes you happy. Write your name in your sun and bring it into your body. You can use this balloon tool to achieve goals from as simple and quick as finding something you lost, like keys or a book, to a bigger goal, say, having a peaceful relationship with a family member.

  1. Imagine a beautiful big balloon about four feet in front of you. Put in the mental picture or words of what you want, such as to find a lost shirt. See the shirt and/or write “shirt” in the balloon with your imagination. You can also draw it and make lists of words to describe it if it’s not as simple as finding something you lost. Some people think the more specific you are the better, while others think you can limit yourself and it’s more effective to simply say “the right for me at this time.”
  2. Put a cord on the balloon. Tell it to release out of the balloon anything that gets in the way of your goal. If you’re curious, you can look on your screen and see what’s releasing. it not just make the command to drain out any obstacles. Make the balloon bigger to create more space for your goal.
  3. See the balloon filling 100% with smiles and laughter, thinking about the times you’ve laughed so hard with your friends no one could finish a sentence without cracking up again.
  4. Imagine Tinker Bell flies up to your balloon and fills it 100% with gold fairy dust or miracle dust. This is the fuel to get your balloon up into the air to get your goal, like an electric charge for a battery or creating a magnetic field.
  5. Take the cord off your balloon. See it fly up in the air off to achieve your goal. Forget about it for now.
  6. Imagine a gauge like a car speedometer or thermometer in front of you, with numbers from 1 to 100. Ask yourself, “How OK is it with me to really achieve the goal? How much permission do I give myself to have it?” Take the first number you see light up on the speedometer. If it’s at 100, great, fill with a gold sun and blow up the gauge. If it’s lower, then take out an imaginary scrubber and clean resistance off the gauge so it can move up 10% more. Move it up 10% each day until you reach 100. Do it gradually so you can get used to the idea of really achieving the goal.

            Another way to do this is to create a happiness rose, about six inches in front of your face. See it as a color for your highest good. Then put your goal in the happiness rose and watch the rose charge up your goal. You can also put in something that worries or bothers you and let the rose heal this or a physical problem. Create a rose when you get up each day to vibrate at the kind of day you want to enjoy.

            Imagine creating a tiny bubble on your hand, then let it grow to the size you like. Fill it with what you like. Create another bubble and fill it with you want to change. Blow it up or give it to Oscar the Grouch or Wonder Woman. You can do this with a real balloon. Put the first bubble in your gold sun along with other feelings that make you happy and bring it into your body. Clearing out negative or other people’s energy.

            Use percussion instruments such as drums to get energy moving in your space and clear out anything that doesn’t make you happy.

            Take your imaginary washcloth or wet-wipe and clean out your head from ear to ear, then throw the used washcloth into a rose and blow it up with a big bomb.

            Create a bubble around your space and use a new washcloth to wash out the inside of the bubble.

            Start a rainbow forming from one hand and connect it to the other hand. Then stretch it under your feet, over your head, and from side to side. Use it to clean out and create the kind of feelings you like around you.

Take a deep breathe. Let it out, win sounds and whatever yucky feeling you want to release. Fill in with gold fairy. Take a brown paper bag. Draw the face and mouth to someone like Cookie Monsieur and have it greedily chow up sad feelings, angry feelings, scared feelings, etc. You can watch where the cobble monster wants to go to eat the most sad feelings, such as your heart area. You can also use the bag to eat up other people’s energy in your space. When you’re done, blow up the bag with your breath and pop it. Always fill with a gold sun after clearing.


Say hello to the child until you get a hello back. Touch her gently on the forehead and suggest. “Be in the center of your head. Ground.” You could ask, “Who is in your head?” or “Where are you? Please come back into your center of your head.” If you get permission, gentle touch the shoulders thinking grounding and the forehead, thinking be in the center of your head.


            Imagine a small gold sun or bubble in your hand. Fill it with healing happy energy from the earth or the stars or God or Superman or whoever you think of as powerful good energy. Keep your own energy out of the bubble and send it to the person you’d like to give a blessing to, including you.

Note: Imaginary play mates can be a source of enjoyment and comfort to young children; respectfully ask the child to describe them. Don’t say they’re not real; they’re just on another dimension.

A youth mental health crisis needs to be addressed.