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Young Global Changemakers for a Feminist Future

360 pages

ISBN 978-0-938795-16-2

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A Global Dialogue on Masculinity: 33 Men Speak Out

A unique dialogue about how to achieve gender equality with men from 12 countries, of various ages and ethnicities, a variety of viewpoints, and from different branches of the men’s movement. Discusses understandings of masculinities.

Topics include: Overview of Men’s Changing Roles, What We Teach Boys about Masculinities, Pro-Feminism, Father Absence is a Key Issue, Differences between Feminism and Equalism, Men’s Groups and Community, and Solutions and Models.

Countries represented: Brazil, Britain, Canada, China, Germany, Iceland, India, Kenya, Netherlands, South Africa, United States, and Zambia.

The discussion about manhood and men’s roles on achieving gender equality in the US and internationally is too often stuck in polarized debates. Gayle Kimball set out to listen to the various sides and comes to clear-eyed conclusions about what it takes to find a way forward that is feminist, inclusive, and compassionate toward men. The result is accessible, fascinating, and urgent.”  Gary Barker, CEO, Promundo-US

 ISBN: 978-0938795117

Print Book: $35.00

and as a $10 ebook on the major platforms

Happy Marriages: 30 Global Couples Tell Their Stories

  • 30 couples from around the world reveal how they resolve disagreements and stay happy.
  • Experts teach their techniques for solving conflicts.
  • Learn to create lasting satisfaction in your relationship, including sexuality.
  • Includes men’s and women’s perspectives, as well as diverse cross-cultural and lesbian, gay and trans marriages. 

“The mysteries of marriage forever fascinate us. Our real-life experiences can take us from ecstasy to agony and back again. Gayle Kimball’s wonderful book is full of helpful stories, professional expertise, and practical wisdom for couples who want to live fully, love deeply, and have a relationship that nourishes the partnership now, and forever. I highly recommend it.”                                                                                                                                Jed Diamond, Ph.D., author of The Enlightened Marriage: The 5 Transformative Stages of Relationships and Why the Best is Still to Come.

“Experience may be the best teacher, but learning from other people’s experience is much easier. If you want a fulfilling marriage, this is a treasure trove—conveying in the depth that a brilliant interviewer can evoke—the experiences of 30 happy couples.”

Donna Eden and David Feinstein, Ph.D. Co-authors, The Energies of Love“Most books on love and marriage synthesize all their couples’ experiences and experts’ wisdoms through the preconceived frame of the author. Not Happy Marriages. Couples dig deep into the complexities, contradictions, and dirty laundry that constitute love, making this one of the most valuable books on love, marriage and real life that you are ever likely to read.”          Warren Farrell, Ph.D., Author of The Boy Crisis and Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say

Gayle Kimball, Ph.D. is the Nautilus award winner author of more than 20 books, including 50/50 Marriage and Everything You Need to Know to Succeed After College

ISBN: 978-0938795728

Print Book: Buy on Biblio: $35.00

print cover ClimateGirls

Climate Girls: Saving Our World
Over 50 girls and young women from 30 countries share how to save our planet from environmental destruction. In the first book about the global young women’s climate movement, you’ll learn about their activist tactics and personal stories as they shape the future. You’ll discover regional issues and understand Generation Z. The activists represent every inhabited continent and give first-person accounts. Gayle Kimball interviewed them because they’re leading the climate movement and are courageously dedicated to stop climate change and destruction of our environment—the most important issue of our time

ISBN  978-0-938795-71-1

Buy on Biblio: $34.00


Calm Parents and Children: A Guidebook

Discover effective communication
Understand youths’ points of view, including Gen Z
Learn to discipline based on consequences
Maintain energy with wellness practices to reduce stress
Use the power of thought and visualizations for resilience

Table of Contents:
Youth Suggestions for Parents in their own words
How is Generation Z Different?
Stages of Parenting: Questions from Parents and Kids
How to Reduce Stress and Develop Resilience
Visualization Tools for Kids

ISBN: 978-0938795704

Equality=Press (August 20, 2020)

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E-book (Kindle): Buy on $9.99

Calm: How to Thrive in Challenging Times


Generate Emotional Strength
Balance Your Body
Learn Empowering Visualizations
We live in challenging times but can apply mental and physical tools to stay centered and calm. You will learn energy tools to develop your thought power, including how to stay centered, how to ground and generate more energy to achieve your goals. You’ll learn movements to balance the physical body and calm the nervous system. The beauty of the tools is their simplicity and ability to be used anywhere to rewire our brains with our thought patterns.

ISBN: 978-0938795667

Equality=Press (May 5, 2020)

Print Book: Buy on $15.00

E-book (Kindle): Buy on $9.99

The Mysteries of Healing: Dialogues with Doctors and Scientists


The Mysteries of Healing: Dialogues with Doctors and Scientists reports on the current research and personal characteristics of 19 visionaries from the US, Canada, and the UK. They discuss healing with hands, with frequencies, with altered states of consciousness, and with helpful beings. Vanguard scientists believe there is more than we see and formulate a non-materialist paradigm that expands human potential, including mind and matter interaction. Going against the dominant worldview evokes criticism so the book explores the personal backgrounds of the scientists to find out why they are so courageous. We learn that there is another dimension that allows for enhanced abilities, based on extensive interviews by Gayle Kimball, the author of 20 books. The trilogy includes books about the mysteries of reality and knowledge.

ISBN: 978-1949003581

Waterside Productions (April 2, 2020)

Print Book: Buy on 24.99

Kindle ebook: Buy on Amazon $9.99


Mysteries of Knowledge Beyond our Senses 

The Mysteries of Knowledge Beyond the Senses: Dialogues with Courageous Scientists reports on the current research and personal characteristics of 22 visionaries from the US and the UK. They reveal information about learning from other dimensions, altered states of consciousness, extrasensory perception, dreams, near-death experiences, remote viewing, parapsychology, etc.

Vanguard scientists believe there is more than what we see and are formulating a non-materialist paradigm that expands human potential, including mind and matter interaction. The book explores the personal backgrounds of the scientists to find out why they are so courageous.

We learn that there are other dimensions that allow for enhanced abilities, based on extensive interviews by Gayle Kimball, the award-winning author of 20 books who does clairvoyant work. The trilogy includes books about the mysteries of reality and healing. With  Susan Blackmore Ph.D. (Author), Larry Burk Ph.D (Author), James Hurtak Ph.D. (Author), Desiree Hurtak Ph.D. (Author), David Luke Ph.D. (Author), Henry Reed Ph.D. (Author), Peter Fenwick M.D. (Author), Brian Les Lancaster Ph.D., et al

Print book: Buy on Biblio $35.00

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A Trilogy: Mysteries of Reality, Healing, and Knowledge Beyond the Senses

The three books by Gayle Kimball, Ph.D.

Sample chapters on

Resist! Goals and Tactics for Changemakers

Buy on Amazon: $9.99

resist cover

Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite
Resist: Goals and Tactics for Changemakers is an extensive work of non-fiction in the field of government, politics, and activism, penned by author Gayle Kimball. Written from a progressive and democratic perspective, this comprehensive guidebook promotes positive change through ten extensive chapters. The format allows the author to produce real solutions to complex problems, often addressing the criticism that democrats have ‘no real plan’ of how to effect change. More than this, the work extends to real examples of powerful activists who are already making the kinds of social changes that the book calls for, as well as ideas on communication, encouraging youth generations into activism and more.
Dr. Gayle Kimball has produced a superb and extensive reference work which gives both hope and education to progressive thinkers and those who want to effect change against the current state of affairs in many countries of the modern world. For those not fully up on their politics, the guide offers a good grounding in global issues and spotting authoritarianism in its many forms, as well as many practical examples of how revolutionary change can and is being achieved worldwide. The Changemakers of the title include those who have historically never been given the chance or choice to make changes, creating inspirational examples, but also realistic plans as to how we as people can become changemakers ourselves. Overall, Resist: Goals and Tactics for Changemakers provides a powerful and effective manifesto and advocacy for the much-needed changes our current society and government systems require.


Brave: Young Women’s Global Revolution, Volume 1

ISBN: 978-0938795582

Buy on Biblio: $25.00

brave vol II

A Nautilus Book Award Winner!

Brave: Young Women’s Global Revolution, Volume 2: Regional Activism

Buy on Biblio: $25.00

Nautilius Winner


Global Youth Transforming Our Future: Brave, Comfortable With Diversity, And Caring

Buy on Amazon (kindle): $9.99 USD

ISBN: 978-0938795-61-2

Over 4,000 young people from 88 countries reveal trends in youth culture to help us understand our planetary future. Discover the values and religious beliefs of Generations Y and Z, based on their own voices rather than adult conclusions from multiple-choice surveys. This book includes futurists’ projections of significant global trends and application of youth values and tactics to recent environmental and other movements.


Answers to Kids’ Deep Questions in Photos

Buy on Amazon (Kindle): $9.99 USD

Print: Buy on Biblio: 20.00 USD

ISBN: 978-0938795636

Since a photograph is worth a 1,000 words, this book uses images to spark family discussion of important questions on the minds of young people. Dr. Kimball added brief comments to initiate thinking process about the meaning of life! Questions covered in the book include what is the purpose of life, why are there so many religions, what is happiness, why is there inequality, what happens after death, what’s the Big Bang, why is climate changing, and what is success?

cd1thMeditate with Dr. Gayle Kimball (on CD)

$11.95 USD +  $3.99 domestic shipping

Learn a meditation, goal setting, and how to gain information from your higher self

ISBN 0938795-95-3

Compact Disc $11.95 +  shipping

book72 Essential Energy Tools: How to Develop Your Clairvoyant Skills

  Print Book $25.00 +  $3.99 domestic shipping

eBook  $9.99 Available on Amazon, B&N, etc.

Gayle Kimball, Ph.D., compiled an encyclopedic book about how to develop your clairvoyant and healing abilities. Learn to use visualization, intention, touch and other simple techniques. Includes scientific explanations and case studies sharing her experiences and those of her readers and students. Includes 25 illustrations. Three videos/DVDs and meditation CD are also available as companion materials to Essential Energy Tools (see below). 390 pages.

“The energy tools have given me the gift of a key to unlock the magical world of focus. The tools have helped me to more fully appreciate humor, that Joy is more than a dishwashing liquid!” Lavon Divine-Leal, RN.

ISBN (print) 0938795-99-6

ISBN (eBook) 978-0-938795-74-2

v1thVideo 1: Essential Energy Tools

Learn how to use visualization and intention to feel centered, have more energy, ground, enhance the atmosphere of your home and office, and achieve goals. Gayle Kimball, Ph.D., demonstrates the energy tools with four students, enhanced by animated color graphics. These techniques to harness the power of the mind will transform your life and increase your enjoyment.

ISBN 0038795-98-8

v2thVideo 2: Energy Tools for Clairvoyance

This video teaches how to increase your intuitive abilities with a meditation technique and specific steps to do clairvoyant readings and clearings. Learn a simple template on which to see your insights. Includes demonstrations by Dr. Kimball and students, as well as animated graphics. Kimball has done clairvoyant readings and workshops in countries ranging from Japan to Canada and the US. 55 minutes.

ISBN 0938795-97-X

v3thVideo 3: Energy Tools for Wellness and Healing

Demonstrates how to do aura reading and clearing, hands-on healing and meridian clearing. The techniques are illustrated as animated graphics. This tape builds on tapes #1 and #2. 55 minutes.

ISBN 0938795-96-1

 Your Mindful Guide to Academic Success: Beat Burnout


by Gayle Kimball Ph.D.

Kindle Edition
Buy on Amazon: $9.99

This book is a very useful tool for students to be able to handle their independence as a student in college with so many incredible ideas and ways to help them develop into strong individuals. Dr. Kimball has constructed a comprehensive guide that can be just as effective for the first year experience as it can be for seniors preparing to graduate and embark on their professional journey. She supports the holistic individual – emotionally, physically, and socially.

— Roderica Williams, Ph.D.

physical Your Questions About Mental and Physical Health

Print: Buy on Biblio: $12.00

ISBN: 978-0938795-5-68

teensmThe Teen Trip: The Complete Resource Guide

Print: Buy on Biblio: 17.00

1,500 young people report on their experiences and coping techniques. Dr. Kimball adds information, new quotes from adult experts, phone help lines, organizations, Internet resources, and books. Topics include peers, family, school success, work, community involvement, body, feelings, sexuality, and drugs.

Information specifically for boys, as well as girls. A proven resource for schools, parents and teens.

“It’s a fun, interesting book that is guaranteed to make growing up easier. The book combines the wisdom of young people with Dr. Kimball’s research for a useful and important resource. The book will be read, reread, underlined, marked, and loved by every young person who reads it.” –Teen Voices magazine editor Alison Amoroso.

“It’s time someone wrote a book that teens can actually use and get help from.” –Ashley, 16

ISBN: 0938795-26-0

kids-mind-power Kids’ Mind Power (on CD)

  $11.95 USD +  $3.99 domestic shipping

CD $11.95 + shipping

ISBN: 0938795-90-2

Book: How to Survive Your Parents' Divorce How to Survive Your Parents’ Divorce: Kid’s Advice to Kids

Print: Buy on Biblio:  $9.95

“Full of great advice for kids, and parents too. In many ways it’s a peer support group in print.” –Elizabeth McGonagle, school social worker, founder of Banana Splits.
“Good hints about keeping equal love from your parents.”
–David, 18
ISBN: 0938795-22-8

everythingEverything You Need to Know to Succeed After College

 Print: Buy on Biblio: $17.00

ISBN 0938795-24-4

loveYour Questions About Love and Family

Print: Buy on Biblio: $12.00 

ISBN: 978-0938795-55-1

50-50 Parenting50-50

 Sorry, this book is sold out

ISBN: 0669148-66-0

21st Century Families: Blueprints to Create Family-Friendly Schools, Workplaces and Governments21st-families

ISBN: 0938795-20-1

Print: Buy on Biblio: $25.00 


Your Questions About Work and Money

ISBN: 978-0938795-57-5

Book FREE online at

how-to-createHow to Create Your Ideal Workplace: Respect, Wellness, Flexibility, Child & Elder Care

Print: Buy on Biblio: $25.00 USD

ISBN: 0938795-96-1

cookbook 2.jpgQuick Healthy Recipes Fundraiser Cookbook

 Print: Buy on Biblio: $12.00 USD

ISBN: 978-0938795-50-6