How to Be Grounded

Here’s how you create an anchor for your body to make you feel safe and connected to the earth.

Feel your tailbone at the base of your spine with your hand, saying hello to it. Imagine you have a powerful laser which you can shine down from the bottom of your spine all the way to the center of the planet. We’re playing with visualization as a way to move energy, a technique to imagine creating a line of connection from you to the earth, in order to feel grounded. Or, think of a laser beam of light from your tailbone to the center of the earth, or make up your own image of a line connecting these two points.

If you have difficulty creating a line all the way down, imagine you’re in ship in a harbor and want to anchor it. Throw a big chain anchor down from the base of your spine; let gravity take it all the way down to the center of the planet along the line of energy you’ve imagined. Tug on the anchor to make sure it’s securely attached. Feel how rooted you are to the earth, like a big tree with deep sturdy roots. Draw a picture of your grounding cord. It should be hollow, round, strong, and straight, with a smooth center so nothing sticks on the way down to the center of the earth. Imagine sparkly neon gem stones or neon color stripes along the outside to help you see it on your mind’s eye all the way down to the middle of the earth. Don’t ground out of your feet or hands, just out of the base of your spine.

Now that the boat anchor has created a line of connection to the earth, create a pipe to the center of the planet, perhaps a tree or waterfall. This time think of a fun way to imagine a grounding cord. Ideas to get you started are: a chain of elephants holding on to each other’s trunks in a long line, monkeys holding on to each other’s tails, pink flamingoes with necks intertwined, clowns standing on each others’ heads, bright colored balloons, a clear plastic tube filled with healthy candy, candy canes, bubbles, a laundry chute, a waterslide, smiling babies, etc. Think about making any negative energy in your body heavy or flake off, letting gravity take it down the grounding cord. Sometimes I imagine a big concrete drain pipe when I’m releasing something heavy. You can also see negative emotions as a color and drain them down the cord like green for jealousy.

The best way to work with energy tools is to have fun and laugh because amusement keeps energy moving. Getting too serious and trying too hard makes energy get stuck. Think of how free you feel when you laugh. Kids can color and cut out a paper animal tail, and pin it near their tail bone, perhaps with a coin taped to the bottom to keep it grounded. They can think about their tail when they want to be grounded. Jamie, age 9, drew a mountain peak as her grounding cord, rather than a tail, so the possibilities are limitless.

As well as creating best while happy and relaxed, we need to be in the present, rather than thinking about the past or future. It helps to put today’s date on your grounding cord. You can also set it at a color that feels good to your body now. Put your name on it to own it for yourself.

To release and cleanse your body, tell your grounding cord to be firmly connected, like a lid on a jar, and firmly attached to the center of the earth. Then imagine taking a bubble bath with candles around the tub. When you are clean and relaxed and the water is dirty, you pull the plug and watch the water go down the drain. Or imagine flushing the toilet. Flush anything in your body or auric field that is ready to be cleaned out; perhaps fear or anger or not feeling good about yourself, or any one else’s programming in your space. You only have to decide to let go of what needs to be cleaned out down the grounding cord; you needn’t be specific. Just think “release” or “clear.” Practice grounding your self, your projects, rooms, and communication with others.