Emotional Freedom Technique


Dr. Gayle Kimball has been an EFT practitioner for over seven years, trained in Gary Craig’s EFT workshops.

Gary Craig developed Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), tapping on a set of meridian points to clear out blocks, adapted from psychologist Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy. EFT works with the power of thought and with the life force energy in the body. If we get stressed and tired, we don’t have energy to give out, the same as if you tried to get juice from an orange you’d already squeezed. EFT can help get the juices going again. It works with energy channels in the body, 12 regular meridians identified in the second century C.E. in China.

There’s a lot of research showing the existence of meridians. EFT balances the energy field partly by tapping on points along the highways of energy—acupuncturists using tiny needles use these acupressure points. His manual and DVDS are available at no cost on the web. It will give you new tools to work with on yourself and with others.

The EFT Manual 6th edition

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