Energy Tools Course

cropped-logo1.pngE-mail Gayle Kimball for current schedule of Energy Tools classes.

Week 1: Define purpose of the course; the main principle is energy follows thought–just make the decision with your intention. It’s important to be in amusement, not effort.

Energy and kinesthesiology experiments
Scientific explanations
Gold sun to collect your energy
Homework: Ground people, projects, and vehicles; try grounding while doing something you thought you couldn’t do

Week 2: Meditation

Bring aura in around you to about 18″
Clean out like combing hair; leave gold in the wake of your energy fingers
Run earth energy
Homework: Notice when you’re in and out of head. Eat while daydreaming about a tropical paradise, and then eat while in the center. Notice the difference.
Cosmic energy
Energy checks. Explain unconsciousness and growth periods and how to deal with them.
Homework: Run energy every day. Handout on running energy.

Week 3: Roses as Energy Tools

Roses: for protection at the edge of the aura, vacuum cleaner to clean out stuff from your space, get answers, create the tone in a room, communicate through a rose for more clarity, rotor rooter roses for healing.
How to achieve your goals
Homework: Clean off your havingness gauge about 10% every day

Weeks 4 to 6: How to be Grounded

Learn how to create an anchor for your body to make you feel safe and connected to the earth