Fun Mind Power Experiments

Kids’ Mind Power

More in Essential Energy Tools: How to Develop Your Clairvoyant and Healing Abilities

Achieve your goal: blow it into a balloon. Fill it with amusement, enthusiasm, and gold fairy dust. Launch it in the air to start its work.

Put paper money or real bills in your lap and do the goal setting visualization described in Essential Energy Tools: How to Develop Your Clairvoyant and Healing Abilities.

Ground or unground then try walking on a narrow board, or walking with eyes closed, or riding a skateboard or bike while grounded and then ungrounded. Or, have your partner stand and decide to ground or unground without telling you her choice. Give a gentle push to her shoulders to see if she is grounded or ungrounded. See if you feel a difference if your partner changes grounding from something like a concrete pipe to a waterfall. To unground, think about being someplace else, like going to a tropical paradise to get out of your body. Reverse.

Clairvoyance and ESP

Fill a mailer with pieces of colored paper. With your eyes closed, pick one and see what color it is.

Throw a die with your eyes shut and see what number it is.

Draw a card from a deck with your eyes shut and see what color it is or what suit.

Close your eyes and imagine a movie screen about six inches in front of your eyes. Look at it as if you were watching from behind your eyes. With your partner, decide who is going to send and who is going to receive. The sender thinks of a color and shape, while the receiver looks at the blank screen. Try not to think, just look, when you’re the receiver. When you’re sending, you can think the word blue, visualize a cloudless blue sky, and imagine writing “blue” on the screen. Then try sending the image of an object, such as a blue scarf, and see what your partner picks up.

Tear out five magazine color pictures. The sender focuses on visualizing the content of one of the images from a separate room. Then the receiver look at the pictures to pick the target.

Make ESP cards with index cards by drawing five each of the following shapes: square, circle, three stacked wavy lines, star, and triangle (or print them from Select a card, send the image mentally, and have your partner tell you which card you selected.

Mentally call a pet to come over to you, as when dolphins respond to their trainers’ unspoken mental commands.

Have someone secretly put an object in a bag and then tune into its color, size, shape, and texture. When I hide a banana in a paper bag, students got that it was yellow with a little green, smooth, and elongated.

Telekinesis: Mind Moves Matter (like the character Matilda, the placebo effect, or studies of prayer doing healing work):

 Throw a die with the intention to get a specific number.

Make a pendulum with beads (see Essential Energy Tools). Ask a question with a yes or no answer. Always first “test in the clear:” Muscle test with “My name is ___,” and “My name is Minnie Mouse.”

Get spoons from a second hand store and bend and twist them with your intention.

Intend to bend a candle flame, levitate a tooth pick, swirl water in a bowl, or put ice cubes in two glasses and concentrate on melting one.

Psychometry (getting information from an object)

In your hand, hold an object worn by your partner (e.g., jewelry, keys). Ask what’s going on with the owner. The first time I did this was with a stranger at a conference. Holding his ring, I got that he purchased it, rather than received it as a gift. It served as kind of a defense and there was some sadness associated with it. He explained that he bought it after the breakup of a love affair.

Put a nickel in one envelope, a penny in another, etc. Or put different kinds of spices in envelopes. Put your hand over each envelope and see if you can name the content.

Sensing Energy

Put your attention in the palm of your right hand. Be aware of the skin of the palm. Sink your awareness deeper into the muscles. Be aware of the tendons and bones. Bring your attention into the back of your hand, almost to the skin on the top of your hand. Then come out of the back of your hand. Compare the difference between your two hands.

Hold your palms facing your partner’s palms, but not touching, as if you were going to play patty cake. Set the intention to create an energy ball between your palms; make it bigger, then smaller. Next, the sender thinks either about pushing energy into the receiver’s palms or pulling it from them. The receiver lets the sender know if she feels push or pull. People often feel warmth and tingling; one man’s hands started sweating.


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