Interesting Recent Experiences Doing Clairvoyant Readings and Chakra Balancing

Interesting Recent Experiences Doing Clairvoyant Readings and Chakra Balancing by Gayle Kimball
*In a phone session, a woman was distraught because her favorite cat was urinating on her favorite couch. The vet gave her meds to give him, which she was reluctant to do and was even more worried about having to put him down. Channeling him, I found that he was pissed off because she wasn’t giving him enough attention. I didn’t know animals could feel disgust, but he felt disdain for several of the other cats. His human said she could see him looking at them with that expression. She gave him extra attention and he didn’t urinate on the couch again after our reading.

*Giving a young woman a chakra balancing, I suggested that she be very careful about using birth control because a baby wanted to come in. About two months later she told me she was pregnant although they didn’t feel ready to be parents and hadn’t planned it.

*During a session, I told the man that his mother was worried about something and so he might want to phone her. A few minutes later he saw a text from her saying she was having back problems.