Electro-crystal healing

The Electro-Crystal Machine

ecmach1Some machines work with electro-magnetic and sound waves, such as Harry Oldfield’s electro-crystal machine which I offer during sessions with clients. Many types of machines are available, generating different frequencies to treat various diseases. Harry Oldfield evolved from a British science teacher into a full-time healer with the electro-crystal machine he invented. Starting with exploring Kirlian photography of energy fields, he realized he could use technology to balance the energy field as well as photograph it.


He reminds us that “all matter is simply energy modified by electro-magnetic wave-forms” His theory about healing is that the brain acts like a radio transmitting and receiving station. It sends messages (probably in the ultraviolet range) to the cells via the nucleus and its helical DNA. He suggests that neighboring cells also transmit to each other. The body communicates through electromagnetic waves as well as through nerves relaying signals.



visor1Perceptions and emotions affect processes such as the heart rate and other functions of the autonomic nervous system. The normal pattern of transmission and reception can be interfered with by microorganisms, pollution, chronic stress, and electromagnetic fields such as power lines, so that the cells go “off tune” and don’t get the proper instructions. A virus may insert its own signal into the DNA. If his theory is true, he concludes, “The task in all healing is to normalize the brain’s proper signal to cells which are not doing their jobs.” He invented a way to do this.

soundm1Oldfield’s electro-crystal machine restores healthy communication from brain to cells with electro-magnetic and sound waves amplified through crystals contained in saline solution in glass tubes. The machine includes dials to change rate and range for the lower and higher chakras. The machine can be purchased only by students who’ve taken the seven-day training. My experience using the machine, for example, is that it reduced Lisa’s shoulder pain in two sessions, nipped Laura’s earache and headache in the bud, and my dog is no longer limping from arthritis. Her winter-time recovery indicates that it’s not the placebo effect or warmer weather at work.