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cd1thMeditate with Dr. Gayle Kimball (on CD)

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Learn a meditation, goal setting, and how to gain information from your higher self.

ISBN 0938795-95-3

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book72Essential Energy Tools: How to Develop Your Clairvoyant Skills

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Gayle Kimball, Ph.D., compiled an encyclopedic book about how to develop your clairvoyant and healing abilities. Learn to use visualization, intention, touch and other simple techniques. Includes scientific explanations and case studies sharing her experiences and those of her readers and students. Includes 25 illustrations. Three videos/DVDs and meditation CD are also available as companion materials to Essential Energy Tools (see below). 390 pages.

“The energy tools have given me the gift of a key to unlock the magical world of focus. The tools have helped me to more fully appreciate humor, that Joy is more than a dishwashing liquid!” Lavon Divine-Leal, RN.

ISBN (print) 0938795-99-6

ISBN (eBook) 978-0-938795-74-2

v1thVideo 1: Essential Energy Tools

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Learn how to use visualization and intention to feel centered, have more energy, ground, enhance the atmosphere of your home and office, and achieve goals. Gayle Kimball, Ph.D., demonstrates the energy tools with four students, enhanced by animated color graphics. These techniques to harness the power of the mind will transform your life and increase your enjoyment.

ISBN 0038795-98-8

v2thVideo 2: Energy Tools for Clairvoyance

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This video teaches how to increase your intuitive abilities with a meditation technique and specific steps to do clairvoyant readings and clearings. Learn a simple template on which to see your insights. Includes demonstrations by Dr. Kimball and students, as well as animated graphics. Kimball has done clairvoyant readings and workshops in countries ranging from Japan to Canada and the US. 55 minutes.

ISBN 0938795-97-X

v3thVideo 3: Energy Tools for Wellness and Healing

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Demonstrates how to do aura reading and clearing, hands-on healing and meridian clearing. The techniques are illustrated as animated graphics. This tape builds on tapes #1 and #2. 55 minutes.

ISBN 0938795-96-1



beatburnout Your Mindful Guide to Academic Success: Beat Burnout Kindle Edition
by Gayle Kimball Ph.D. $9.99

This book is a very useful tool for students to be able to handle their independence as a student in college with so many incredible ideas and ways to help them develop into strong individuals. Dr. Kimball has constructed a comprehensive guide that can be just as effective for the first year experience as it can be for seniors preparing to graduate and embark on their professional journey. She supports the holistic individual – emotionally, physically, and socially.

— Roderica Williams, Ph.D.


physicalYour Questions About Mental and Physical Health

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ISBN: 978-0938795-5-68

teensmThe Teen Trip: The Complete Resource Guide

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1,500 young people report on their experiences and coping techniques. Dr. Kimball adds information, new quotes from adult experts, phone help lines, organizations, Internet resources, and books. Topics include peers, family, school success, work, community involvement, body, feelings, sexuality, and drugs.

Information specifically for boys, as well as girls. A proven resource for schools, parents and teens.

“It’s a fun, interesting book that is guaranteed to make growing up easier. The book combines the wisdom of young people with Dr. Kimball’s research for a useful and important resource. The book will be read, reread, underlined, marked, and loved by every young person who reads it.” –Teen Voices magazine editor Alison Amoroso.

“It’s time someone wrote a book that teens can actually use and get help from.” –Ashley, 16

ISBN: 0938795-26-0

kids-mind-powerKids’ Mind Power (on CD)

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ISBN: 0938795-90-2

Book: How to Survive Your Parents' DivorceHow to Survive Your Parents’ Divorce: Kid’s Advice to Kids

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“Full of great advice for kids, and parents too. In many ways it’s a peer support group in print.” –Elizabeth McGonagle, school social worker, founder of Banana Splits.
“Good hints about keeping equal love from your parents.”
–David, 18
ISBN: 0938795-22-8

everythingEverything You Need to Know to Succeed After College

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ISBN 0938795-24-4



loveYour Questions About Love and Family

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ISBN: 978-0938795-55-1

50-50 Parenting50-50

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ISBN: 0669148-66-0



21st Century Families: Blueprints to Create Family-Friendly Schools, Workplaces and Governments21st-families

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ISBN: 0938795-20-1


moneyquestionsYour Questions About Work and Money

ISBN: 978-0938795-57-5

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how-to-createHow to Create Your Ideal Workplace: Respect, Wellness, Flexibility, Child & Elder Care

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ISBN: 0938795-96-1

cookbook 2.jpgQuick Healthy Recipes Fundraiser Cookbook

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ISBN: 978-0938795-50-6